Olive trees dance - olive harvest
When I first saw this scene I immediately thought about a wedding where the trees were the bride and groom, I loved the poetry of those red networks on the ground. How they were collecting the work of an year,because this is after all, put your energies to take care of the trees and get from them their fruits.
Olive harvest - the work
I find certain type of works to be more stoic than others, you can't just relate on what you're able to do, but even hope that everything will work together for the success of a season.
Olive harvest - the work
If you then take a look to the surrounds, the magic of those places, you can't even believe how us, as humans, are able to modify the landscape on a sublime way. I'm not talking about destrying nature, but make it looks even more harmonic.
The red veil - olive harvest
These are the kind of stories I love to tell, of people in symbiosis with the nature.
Olive harvest - the workers
We can be many things, we can be respectuful or mean, in the end we'll always get what we gave. Being passionate about what you do has nothing more beautiful.

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