Yuri Santin (1983) is a photographer based in Treviso, Italy.
Have been interested in photography since the 2012, but life has taken me to other paths, having always in mind that this passion was not going to disappear. Since then have tried to get involved in many projects and even more to travel and open up my mind about the World, see it through a reporting style. 
Have learnt english in a better way, now can speak it fluently, can also understand and speak portugues and spanish. 
As a freelance photographer my aim is to provide my culture and sensibility for the beauty in a way that can meet the needs of my clients, make their thoughts turn into reality through my photos. I mainly dedicate to travel and corporate reportages, weddings in a reporting style,but also to personal projects that can show the culture,traditions and life of some small villages around the World, I love the idea of being able to preserve all these beautiful cultures and knowledge.
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