A typical Venezia mask, the ones of the tradition, still wisely made in Venice by artigians.
Every year people, from all over the World, reach Venice to be able to be and feel part of this tradition, mask and pretend to be someone else for a few days. Wear one of these amazing costumes.
The creativity of people and artigians is always impressive.
There are even more recent costumes, still made in an artigianal way, respecting years of traditions that makes this carnival unique among the others.
According to the tradition, but it's not sure, the Venice carnival was born in 1162 to celebrate a victory of the Venetian republic,but only during the Renaissance it became official. It has its apex during the 17-18 century, to then be banned for almost a century and be back officially only during the 1900.
A woman masked while waiting into the Florian coffee bar in the San Marco square, one of the most prestigious of the city.
During this period it really seems like to be living in a past era,like being able to use a time machine and see how people were spending their routine.
The beauty of certain dresses can barely make you understand the work behind it and my goal is now to find out this aspect, go behind the curtains and explore the world of the artigians behind these creations. We always see the final product, but we don't think or imagine how much work there's behind.

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